Our Vision:
 Flourishing workplaces 
filled with thriving employees who know that their contribution is an integral part of the success of the Whole. 


‘Meaningful Experience’

“Lisa’s teaching style offered me with a great deal of encouragement, and at the same time provided powerful suggestions and techniques that have made a real difference in my coaching career. Lisa’s passion for coaching and willingness to explore innovative teaching approaches helped make our coach/client relationship a meaningful experience for me.”

—Ross Woodstock, ACC
Executive and Leadership Coach, Colt Communications

‘Confident and Prepared’

“I sought Lisa’s help because of her vast experience as a coach, her compassionate, inspirational and wise approach, and her keen skills as a teacher/mentor. After each call with Lisa, I have felt more confident and prepared to take on the challenges of being an executive coach. Lisa is both motivational and supportive and represents the best in coaching.”

—Annie Fainsinger, BCC
Founder, Professional Life Coaching, LLC

'Richness to my Life'

Lisa Kramer has redefined executive coaching for me. Working with Lisa has allowed me to go deeper in my own self-discovery and has brought a richness to my life I have previously not known. With her partnership, I have discovered new approaches to executive leadership, learned how to be a better husband and father, become a more effective coach, and created the first true sense of balance in my life. I have grown more with Lisa than I ever could have imagined possible.”

—Steve Sosland
Chief People and Performance Officer, University of North Texas Health Science Center


Leading with Intention provides individual and group mentor coaching to internal and external coaches. Mentor coaching is a blend of coaching and mentoring for individuals who have participated in coach training and want to further develop themselves to become masterful coaches. Mentor coaching is also a critical component to becoming credentialed by the International Coach Federation.

It is not unusual for an individual who has participated in leadership coaching and the Coach Approach training to consider additional training to become a professional coach. Depending upon his/her role within the organization, coach training can provide greater breadth and depth for one’s development as a leader and as an internal coach. There are many different coach training schools worldwide that have been approved by the International Coach Federation.

Key Benefits

  • Increased coaching competence and confidence: Clients bring coaching questions and challenges to their mentor coach who provides knowledge, insight , and supportive feedback to enable clients to gain greater self-confidence and proficiency in their coaching.
  • Modeling of masterful coaching: A mentor coach models how to BE a masterful coach in the mentor coaching relationship. This modeling provides the client with a firsthand experience of coaching mastery that can be adapted to fit his/her own unique coaching style.
  • Enhanced ability to promote coaching within the organization: Clients learn how to effectively engage others in the organization to better understand the value of coaching.

The Process

Leading with Intention mentor coaching services are customized to best meet the needs of the individual client. Clients have three options for mentor coaching:

Individual Mentor Coaching: A one-on-one relationship designed to give the client more personalized attention to meet their coaching goals.

Duo Mentor Coaching: A mentor coaching relationship with two clients meeting simultaneously with one coach. Duo mentor coaching is designed to give clients the opportunity to participate as both a mentor coaching client and an observer.

Group Mentor Coaching:  A small group format designed to give participants the opportunity to be client, coach and observer during each group session. The group format enables clients to connect with other coaches and learn a model for group coaching that they can use in their own work.

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