Our Vision:
 Flourishing workplaces 
filled with thriving employees who know that their contribution is an integral part of the success of the Whole. 



Learn to be a coach leader who can confidently
bring out the best in your teams.




Learn the art of giving and receiving feedback.




Sharpen your skills and polish your presence
to become a masterful coach.


Unlock the capabilities of your leaders

Coaching is a proven and highly-effective way of improving individual and organizational performance. A coaching culture provides a framework for all interactions within an organization, and creates an environment of continuous learning, the ready exchange of knowledge and information, and ongoing professional development—which are actively encouraged at all levels.

Organizations that embrace a coaching culture understand the considerable benefits, as it helps managers get the most from their teams, boosts employee engagement and develops a high-performing workforce.

Leaders at all levels realize the advantages of a coaching culture as it brings out the best in their employees and helps everyone reach their highest professional goals, resulting in a highly-engaged and productive organization.

Our Unique Approach

Leading with Intention uses a comprehensive approach to help organizations develop a coaching culture by working with executives and managers to become masterful coach leaders. Our unique methodology pairs leadership coaching with coaching skills training and group mentoring to provide our clients with the tools necessary for individual, team and organizational development. This, in turn, increases engagement, improves performance, and strengthens overall workplace satisfaction.

'Richness to my Life'

Lisa Kramer has redefined executive coaching for me. Working with Lisa has allowed me to go deeper in my own self-discovery and has brought a richness to my life I have previously not known. With her partnership, I have discovered new approaches to executive leadership, learned how to be a better husband and father, become a more effective coach, and created the first true sense of balance in my life. I have grown more with Lisa than I ever could have imagined possible.”

—Steve Sosland Chief People and Performance Officer, University of North Texas Health Science Center

‘Improved my Personal and Professional Life’

Lisa Kramer has been extraordinary as my executive coach. She listens intently, detects trends in my thoughts and behaviors and asks great questions. I have had three executive coaches during my professional career and Lisa surpasses them all with her ability to develop keen insights and coach me on the personal and professional aspects of my life. Understanding both very clearly has helped me improve my life in many ways not previously understood. I recommend her very highly.”

 —Michael Williams President, University of North Texas Health Science Center

‘Much More Productive’

“My coaching experience with Lisa Kramer helped me to understand how I can make better use of the gifts and talents I have in my everyday life at home and at work. I have learned to become more deliberate and thoughtful when making choices which help me to better manage my life. I am much more productive at work, which includes more consistent in my follow through and purposeful with my actions. My listening skills and communication skills have improved greatly as well.”

—James Tracey Simpson President, Penn Fluid System Technologies

‘Courageous Conversations’

“Our team found the Coach Approach training and ongoing coaching conversations to be very effective in developing ourselves and others in our organization. It has created a coaching environment that promotes discovery, encourages courageous conversations and provides a shared language & process. We are now much better in assisting associates on how to identify and explore options while they keep the end in mind.”

—Jim Trolinger Past President, Swagelok NW

‘A New Perspective’

“Right out of the gate the “Leading with Intention” program gave me a new perspective on key ways I interact with people every day. It gave me actionable ideas that will drive real results in developing myself and others.”

—David Parfitt Director of Marketing, Cardone Industries


  • Greater confidence to lead and develop your teams
  • Ability to inspire others to achieve stretch goals with greater accountability
  • Enable team members to find their own solutions
  • Deliver positive and constructive feedback in a timely manner
  • Create successful working alliances


  • High-performing organizations
  • Confident leaders who inspire
  • Productive and engaged employees
  • Increased profitability
  • Greater workplace satisfaction


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