Our Vision:
 Flourishing workplaces 
filled with thriving employees who know that their contribution is an integral part of the success of the Whole. 


‘Bring Out the Best’

“The Coach Approach training is a regular program in our Wharton MBA Leadership Fellows training program. The participants rate it very highly among the extensive amount of training that they receive. I highly recommend this program to any organization committed to developing leaders and managers who want to bring out the best in their employees.”

—Lynn Krage
Senior Associate Director,
McNulty Leadership Program,
Wharton School

‘Perfect for Experienced and Aspiring Leaders’

“I honestly don’t know why this isn’t mandatory training for anyone in leadership positions or aspiring leaders.”

 —Aalok Joshi
Product Manager, Cardone Industries

‘A Much Different Approach’

“This training is a much different approach than what I was accustomed to. Instead of me being directive as a leader, this training turns it around and helps the direct report think about a solution on their own.”

—Steve Tortu
Director, Engineering Support, Cardone Industries


‘A New Perspective’

“Right out of the gate the “Leading with Intention” program gave me a new perspective on key ways I interact with people every day. It gave me actionable ideas that will drive real results in developing myself and others.”

—David Parfitt
Director of Marketing, Cardone Industries

‘Courageous Conversations’

“Our team found the Coach Approach training and ongoing coaching conversations to be very effective in developing ourselves and others in our organization. It has created a coaching environment that promotes discovery, encourages courageous conversations and provides a shared language & process. We are now much better in assisting associates on how to identify and explore options while they keep the end in mind.”

—Jim Trolinger
Past President, Swagelok NW


A Coach Approach Training and Mentoring Program for Executives and Managers

Imagine a work environment where everyone speaks the language of coaching.

Leading with Intention uses a comprehensive approach to assist our clients to create a coaching culture in their organization. The Coach Approach training and mentoring program builds capacity for executives and managers to become effective coach leaders.

What It Does

The Coach Approach program teaches executives and managers how to seamlessly incorporate coaching skills into their everyday interactions, integrating a “coach approach” into their relationships, both inside and outside the organization. The program incorporates the core competencies of professional coaching and is designed with proven adult learning methodology that emphasizes experiential learning, interactivity, and application to each organization’s unique work environment.

As leaders transparently model coaching skills and conduct coaching conversations with their teams, the language of coaching becomes universal throughout the organization resulting in increased engagement, higher performance, and overall workplace satisfaction. That is the essence of a coaching culture.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the Coach Approach training, participants are able to:

  • Recognize the principles behind coaching, and how coaching differs from other types of developmental and management approaches
  • Distinguish between when to coach and when not to coach: coachable situations and other kinds of situations
  • Apply the Coaching Conversation Model as a whole and in parts
  • Integrate a series of coaching skills into their professional conversations
  • Integrate a “coach approach” in their role
  • Initiate and manage difficult conversations
  • Skillfully provide constructive feedback

Group Mentor Program

The Group Mentor program is a six month follow up program to the Coach Approach training. It provides mentoring and support for training participants who are learning how to integrate a coach approach in their everyday lives at work.  While the training gives them a solid foundation to learn this approach, the ongoing group solidifies the learning by applying the skills to real life situations that participants encounter following the training.

How It Works

Following their participation in the training, participants are placed in smaller groups of no more than eight participants. The group composition is determined by the client organization and the training facilitator. Each group meets monthly for one hour by video-conferencing/phone/etc with one of the Coach Approach training facilitators.

  • Participants bring coaching questions, successes and challenges to each meeting
  • Facilitators provide a structure for participants to give and receive input and feedback to one another
  • Participants share best practices in applying the coach approach
  • Facilitator provides mentoring and support in response to the participants’ questions and challenges
  • Participants learn a group model that they can eventually adopt on their own  without the facilitator’s presence