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Lisa Kramer, founder of Leading with Intention, shares her insights on coaching, coaching cultures, and the importance of creating meaningful relationships with clients.

By: Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, PCC

Throughout organizations today, business leaders and managers are adopting a coaching style of leadership to achieve results from their employees. At the heart of this leadership style is the ability to be genuinely curious – to listen deeply and to ask powerful questions that stimulate creativity and inspire action.

By: Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, PCC

As coaches, we want to attract clients whose coaching goals fit with what we offer. We also want to work with clients with whom we feel a strong interpersonal connection. I refer to this as 'goodness-of-fit': the fit between the coach's niche, knowledge base and coaching style; and the client's personality (including temperament, energy and pace) and overall coaching goals. Goodness-of-fit is determined by both the coach and  the client.

By: Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, PCC

Our presence with clients has a powerful impact on them, both in modeling a way of being, and in creating a deeply meaningful relationship that can lead to transformation for the client. What exactly is coaching presence? In addition to the ICF definition above, coaching presence requires us to ‘dance in the moment’ with our clients, trust our intuition and take risks without knowing what the outcome will be.

By: Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, PCC

The cover story from a past issue of Choice: The Magazine for Professional Coaching is about working with difficult clients. The article challenges coaches to consider the following: what the coach perceives as difficult about the client is an opportunity for the coach to stretch and to ultimately learn something invaluable about him/herself.

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